Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Snapchat Spectacles?!

What are Snapchat Spectacles?

Snapchat introduced camera-equipped glasses during late 2016. The glasses was named "Spectacles",  it records video and uploads it to Snapchat. 


1. Spectacles were only sold in pop-up vending machines called the "Snapbot",  around the U.S, and the locations were exclusive, not only that, the Snapbot would only stay at the "surprise" location for a day, but Snapchat announced a map where you can find where the Snapbot is heading within the 24 hours.
This is the find the bot map: https://www.spectacles.com/map/

2. Spectacles can now be order online.

3. There are 3 colors: Coral, Teal and Black.

4. One glasses cost $130USD.

5. To record a 10 second video on Snapchat through the glasses, is to press button on the glasses.

6. The glasses wirelessly adds snaps (videos) on to the Snapchat memories (the gallery).

7. Snapchat had actually been working on the glasses for years, since 2014.

8.  The Snapbot vending machine that carries the Spectacles, have motion sensors, that can detect people when they step into the view,  the bot would turn their circular view on, and let you virtually try the glasses before you buy them.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Social Media and the Population

Social Media

Lately, from the ongoing years, Social Media has been developing, and has had increase their impacts to humans.  

Social Media had affected not only on adults but also has affected teenagers heavily. It created a tremendous impact on the society, which impacted Politics, Business, Education, Socialisation, Privacy and Productivity. Social media has also created cyberbullying, online harassment, and negative effects such as deceiving informations and images. 

Positive Impacts 

Business networks
Social Media helps businesses increase their economic incomes, but also to increase their fame, and popularity. Social media helps companies/businesses to exapnd their business, and also helps different businesses to present and develop their ideas on the same platform, and to work together easily.

Easier communication
Communication is so much easier, not only it is free (unlike SMS), it is also easier to talk to groups, and broadcast a message to everyone but separately.

Avoid boredom 
Social Media is a online platform, where everyone interacts. Social Media can keep you busy for days, without being bored of it, since there are so many posts and interactions on that platform.

Data information 
Easy access to search data informations, and easily updated, exchanged, and researched.

Negative Impacts

False Sense of Connection
False intimacy and social distance is elements of false sense of connection, avoiding awkwardness is easy online. However, when you meet in person, awkwardness would likely to fill you up, being unable to interact in real life. 

Cyber bullying/Online Harassment

Over 25% adolescents/teens have been bullied or harassed online. This is very dangerous, since it can lead to suicidal deaths. 4500 kids suicide each year due to cyber bullying.

Decreases productivity

Being on Social Media decreases your productivity, since people can be on social media the whole day looking through the feed, the feed is endless. 


Social Media allows users to post their informations and images, which lower the user's privacy. This will allow search engines to easily find the user. It may be harmless, but can affect user's schools or jobs' acceptances.

Engaging online can be dangerous, online scams occurs everyday. People are likely to be scammed when they are new to Social Media. 


Addiction often paranoia Whenever, you are not on your phone, your laptop or something that links you to your social media, you are more likely to fear and be paranoid.

Time Consuming
Users spends so much time on Social Media nowadays, especially teens. An average of 28% of time in a day is spent on Social Media! This results in a decreases in productivity, development in skills for teens and kids, also impacts user's health.

How to control it:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The New Google Sites

How to Create a New Google Site

This is a topic I'm sure several of you have not heard of. I use the "new" google site as my e-portfolio. Many people are unaware that a new google sites even exists. This is because it is in beta, meaning it is still going through development and the old google sites is still active. However, every user with a google account may create their own "new" Google Site. People can't seem to find a free way of creating sites and that's why they used google sites. However, now with this new and improved version people won't complain about the simplicity and dullness of the old google sites.

To Create a New google site:

1. Go to GoogleDrive
2. Click on the New button and hover and "more"
3. Select Google Sites

It's that simple to create a new google site. This version will be similar to a document as it is a file and will be stored in your google docs.  This is one of the differences between the new and old google sites. 


Personally, I feel as though the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the new google sites. However, this is only by a small fraction, therefore, several users may not find the new google sites appealing.

What has not changed and is continued from the old to the new site:
  • You can still collaborate with other people to make your site.
  • You can still implement other Google drive files easily and other links can be embedded
  • Sites is still a tool to create a basic website. It remains one of the core G Suite apps.

  • You can create aesthetically pleasing websites that appear on any device. Google sites is now  multi-platform and some of the designs you can get with the beta version are extremely well designed.

  • You can easily embed content from Google Drive and other apps. Now, inserting any file or document from drive is simple and it embeds easily onto the site. Also, you may embed some external media, such as posts from blogger, and they also look very pleasing.

  • You can customize and move sections so that your text isn't in one place. You can easily change pages from order and hide them. You may also add sections to one of your pages that you can move or if it is a textbox, divide into a section.

  • You can choose to publish your site when you are ready or to save it until you are ready to share your site. This is a big difference as now your site doesn't go live as soon as you save changes, although you may still choose to share who can view and have rights to edit your site, you can also choose if your site appears  in search results.


  • Very little customization is the reason most people that know about the new google sites don't use it. Limited themes, fonts, formatting, you have very little room to customize. Themes override every title and font, so you can't customise anything at all, although they look nice. You can't change any font, it has to be by a set theme, and there are only 7 themes available with 5 colors each.

  • No HTML + CSS/ Embed Code. This is another major reason why people don't use the new google sites. You may no longer add html code or embed code to your google site. Google has clarified they will add this feature soon as they are still in beta.

  • Editing Still requires computer version of Chrome or Firefox. Although Google Sites has turned multi-platform, you can still only edit on a computer.

  • No real subpages, only links. A feature that was removed from the old google sites is subpages. The ability navigate from one page to another. Some may say this is detrimental because you can only link pages now, but some may say it is beneficial and makes the site look more pleasing. It also may hide pages that will only appear if the user wants them to.

In conclusion, the new google sites is still in development and has a lot of things to be improved. However, it is still a huge jump aesthetically compared to the boring google site that we have become so used to, and it's still all free, a rare occurrence nowadays. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

If a Video is an Option for the Project, CHOOSE IT

I am currently assigned to a project in my class, where video is an option to present the project, I chose it immediately.

Video is a great way of presenting information,
Here are a few reasons why they are amazing:

They present large amount of information in a short amount of time. The information includes, audio informations

visual information, 

and text information within the video.

By presenting large amount of information in a short period of time, the audience would not then be bored of the why you present the information.

The post production (editing) of the footage afterwards takes a bit of time, but it is worth it. I believe editing footage is less boring than writing a bunch of texts and give it to the teacher who will find it boring as well.

After reading this blog post, I hope you guys can find joy in video production.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Learn Programming FAST

How to Learn Programming Fast


It is a website where multiple subjects and skills can be learnt.

It is a website that uses effective and easy teaching styles.

It is a website that can help you with learning and keeps tracks of your progress.

Throughout the course of computer in High school, I have always wanted to learn programming. But I never got the chance to learn advance programming due to the fact that the platform I worked on are boring and un-interactive.

Khanacademy in the other hand, changes my perception on learning.
It is interactive as it has control boards that you could use to program after you learnt a certain skill.

Khanacademy also keeps tracks of your learning by having a "time-line" style subjects and topics that need to be covered throughout the course.

It is extremely helpful to have a interactive way of learning, due to the fact that it helps me understand it more quickly when trying out new things around in the website is available.

I highly recommend people who wants to learn new skills to use Khanacademy as there are tons of other subjects and topics on the website.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Ultradox: How to create a google sheet based document

How to add and adjust images by selecting an image link in google sheets and adding it onto google document

1. Set up the ultradox by first selecting your google sheet and a google document.

Google Spreadsheet:

The google cell "B2" has the link to an AIS logo image. If this cell is selected,  Ultradox can take the image and have it put into the google doc. 

Google Doc: 

2. Select the spreadsheet cell that has the link to the AIS logo image on the Ultradox Menu

When you first create a "Load cell" command, you'll be required to select a google spreadsheet and a cell. This is for loading one image only in one cell. 

3. Go into the document selected and open "Ultradox Template Editor" in the add-ons section. After that click on the chosen cell and select it as an image. 

4. Now click the "Width" and "Height" option, and use cm to change the size of the image

It is better to use CM instead of pixels as the measuring variable because pixels are too hard to control. 

5. Now click select. The Ultradox Template Editor will now give you a code pasted to the document. 

6. Finally, go to the Ultradox main page and select the "eye" icon to get a preview of the document. 

7. You'll get a PDF view of your document which then can be printed. 

Things all CTI4C students should know to keep Ahead.

You're a CTI student, and you should never be questioned of your technical prowess. 

Here are some great things you should keep in mind to stay ahead of your friends. So they're jealous of this course. 

In Your PC Just Create A Folder With The Name Given Below And Access Everything


When Signing On Not So Useful Website , Use Disposable Temporary Email Services To Avoid Spam

3. Getting Redirected To Country Specific Google Search Page. Try Http://Google.Com/Ncr To Avoid This
Just Do Shift + Esc TO Start Chrome’s Inbuilt Task Manager


Just like for Mac there is Quicktime, Windows Has A Free Screen Recorder For You, Search Psr on Your Computer
6. Youtube Tricks:

  1.   Replace “youtube” with “listentoyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar to download the audio of the video.
     Replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL and paste it in your address bar  to download the video in any quality available.
  2.  Replace “youtube” with “nsfwyoutube” and paste it in your address bar  to bypass age restriction.
  3.  Replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar and you won’t see ads.
  4.  Replace “youtube” with “listenonrepeat” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar to repeat the video automatically .
  5.  Replace “youtube” with “gifyoutube” in the URL  and paste it in your address bar to convert video into gif format .

Delete your Social media accounts using this website


Disclaimer: Some of these tricks are not my tips, They were courteously provided by: http://www.computerhope.com/tips/internet.htm

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Animation Introduction: 3D Animation

3D animation is the most recent and common form of animation nowadays. This type of animation requires a lot of knowledge on movements and physics. Doing 3D animation is very similar as playing with puppets, how to make it move like it's actually real, how the mouth moves when you talk, these are all things to be considered when you do 3D animation.

Starting Point:

Animation Introduction: 2D Animation

Over the years, 2D animation has become more and more popular due to it's simplicity and it's beautiful results. Unlike traditional animation, 2D animation does not require amazing drawing ability, making it viable for anyone who wants to learn animation. 2D animation is used more and more commonly on things like introductory, story telling and music videos now. The most commonly used application for 2D animation would be Adobe Animate CC, it gives a huge variety of tools for beginners to pick up 2D animation quickly. Another suggestion program that I would give is Adobe Flash, it's really common in web pages and games, and due to its long history, it's also really easy to find tutorials.

Some sample tutorials:

Helpful YouTube Extensions (Google Chrome)

Helpful YouTube Extensions
Welcome YouTube enthusiasts or the casual YouTube viewer. This blogpost will outline some helpful extensions to enhance your viewing experience and detail what each extension is about.

Stop Auto play for YouTube

The stop auto play extension is largely self explanatory. Whenever you open a new video, it will not play until you press play. This extension can also pause videos when you leave the tab. This is the simplest of all the extensions and is just a nice little quality of life improvements.

Compared to Stop Auto Play for YouTube, Magic Actions can do so much more. Magic Actions can have a dark mode, autoHD, ad block, and a lot more! Magic Actions is very similar to Enhancer For Youtube, which almost do the same exact things. Magic Actions however, has a lot more users and a lot older than Enhancer and should have less bugs, if any, compared to Enhancer.

VidIQ shows the metrics, keywords, ad revunue, ad earner, engagement ratio, and more. This is perfect for anyone who wants to be a YouTuber. This can tell you how much money each video makes and good keywords to add to your own videos

YouTube Plus is perhaps my favorite of all these extensions. It allows ads from certain channels but blocks all other ads, allows for open window viewing, allows you to blacklist channels. For example, if you hate Pewdepie, you can blacklist his channel and never see it in your recommended.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How to sync your AIS google calendar events to your iPhone.

It is a new school year and for most of us who want to succeed this school year, it is a fresh start. One of the steps to succeed in academics maybe in life is to learn how to become responsible. One of the many examples by being responsible is being on time.

If you are a Grade 11 student like I am, you understand the importance of attending attending some of the university visits in school to prepare for university. All the visits that will take place in school are all written in AIS google calendar. It is troublesome to have to log into google account on the web and check when and where it will take place. Syncing your AIS google calendar events on your iPhone and iPad is very useful if you don't want to go through all the trouble. It also helps you know what is happening during the week. It shows you events later in the year and perhaps if you want to start studying for AP exams or end of year exams, it will help you. 

If you have synced your events from your google calendar to your iPhone or iPad, Great! If you haven't, I recommend you should do it. 

If you are wondering how you sync your AIS google events to your iPhone you just simply allow your google account to sync the events from your google account to your phone.

Here is a step by step process on how to do it...

Is the iOS system safe and secure?

Is the iOS system safe and secure?

The most common smartphone used is the iPhone. iPhone models are changing throughout the year.  The “iOS,” simply means iPhone Operating System, is the operating system that runs on Apple’s devices and makes the phone work. But how secure are our iPhones?

The iOS system of the iPhone is considered to be a protected and highly secured operating system.

First, iPhone uses the “App Store,” where we download applications to our iPhone. The reason why the App Store makes the iPhone secure is that applications are fully and thoroughly examined before it is available on the App Store. This method prevents widespread of malware infection for iPhone users.

Second, the Touch ID, which is used to unlock iPhone or easy access to paying goods using Apple Pay may seem vulnerable and dangerous. However, the scanned fingerprint is stored in the iPhone’s memory, and it is protected and encrypted within the Secure Enclave. The scanned Fingerprints are never sent to Apple or backed up to iCloud or iTunes so that hackers won’t be able to touch your fingerprint information and use it for their purposes.

Not only is the fingerprint encrypted but all the information are encrypted and protected all the time. So you can assure that your information is well protected.

However, the iOS system is not 100% invulnerable, so we must always think about our actions so that we won’t be hacked.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Be on track with your goals with the Google Calendar App

Cool features you can find on Google Calendar App:

Besides the Apple Calendar, you can also download and use the Google Calendar App to keep yourself on track with your work. There are few good features you can find about the Google Calendar App. It can help you in many different ways.

1. You can set goals with Google Calendar App. 
  • When you go to the app, there is a plus sign button located on the bottom right corner. It will give you three options: goals, reminder or event, and then you click on goals. 
  • When you click on goals, it gives you different categories, such as exercising, building a skill, me time, organise my life and friends and family.
  •  Click on the category of things you want to do. For example I want to build on a skill, I tap on it and then it gives me different options: learn a language, learn to code, practice an instrument, etc... For my goal I want to practice an instrument. 
  • I click on practice an instrument and then it gives me options of many different instruments. I click on the instrument I want to practice and select how often would I want to practice the instrument and how many hours do I want to spend on practicing the instrument. 
  • The app will ask about when you would want to do the task. After that, the app will add events on your Google Calendar. All the things added to your Google Calendar will also be added to other app you synced your Google Calendar with. 

2. It also has reminders to keep you on track with your work. The good thing about setting a reminder on the app is that it adds the reminders to your Google Calendar. Adding it to your Google Calendar would help you remember the things you want to do anytime and anywhere. 

3. Google Calendar is very colourful which helps when you want to achieve something. The colour and the design keeps you motivated to do your work. The app is also easy to use as it is very straightforward.

The Google Calendar App helps make your life easier by putting your goals into events and keeping your things in one place. 

Monday, February 6, 2017


Do you find closing tab in Google Chrome very annoying?? Do you find changing between apps is very annoying?? Today, I present to you 5 VERY useful keyboard shortcuts that you cannot miss in your life!


Command + Q

If you find going to the red dot to close the app is so bothersome, then this is the shortcut for you! By using command Q, you will be able to close the app that you're currently using or refresh your finder app.


Command + Tab

When you use command tab, you will see many all the different type of apps you're currently using. This allows you to change the app you are using immediately.


Shift + Command + 4

By using shift command 4, you will be able to drag and screenshot a part of your screen and it will be displayed in your desktop. Allowing you to use a part of what you're seeing for your project.


Control + Command + F

If you use control + command + F, you will be able to change some apps that you're using to full screen. Keep in mind that some apps cannot become full screen size though.


Command + W

If you want to close just a tab instead of a full app, then command w will help you out a lot!

NEW and IMPROVED Google Sites

Recently Google has updated and published their new and improve version and Google Sites. After using it for a few times, I find it really easy to use and will have a lot of potential in the future. Here are how to use the new Google Sites and it's pros and cons:

Steps to Create a New Google Sites:

  1. Go to Google Drive!!!
  2. Go to New --> More --> Google Sites
  3. EXPLORE around the new and improved Google Sites!




  • Not enough features yet
  • New and buggy
  • Limited in layouts

5 Quick Trello keyboard short cuts

1. Put curser over a list and press "N" to create a new card 

In order to create a new card in a list easily, just put your cursor over a card and press N. This will create a new card in the list nearest to your cursor.

Sorry for the bad quality

2. Put cursor over a card and press Spacebar to automatically subscribe 

In case you have a hard time clicking on the card, searching your name up in the subscribe bar, and clicking your name in, you can simply press Spacebar to do all that task at once!

3. Put cursor over a card and press "D" to set due date. 

This is another way of opening the due date calendar instead of clicking the card and manually opening it.

4. Put cursor over a card and press "C" to archive card 

5. Press 1-9 to quickly add a label to the card 

Those were 5 quick trello short cuts you could use! Thank you!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

[] Easy Life Hacks that you have to know for school []

Life hacks, something people love to watch but don't bother to use. But these life hacks that i'm about to show you are easily accessible around you and you might even be wearing it. So it's easy to do this.

Glasses as stand? bet you never thought about it. 


A used, ready for disposal sticky notes + some stains on your keyboard = clean keyboard

As the back side of the sticky note is small enough to fit between the keys, it is great for stain removals on keyboard.

#3 Functionality of your brain

Scientifically proven:

Best time to study:
4 am - 6 am

Brain Function: 100%
6 am - 7:30 pm

Brain Function: 50%
Night time

EssayTyper and Spreeder

Give a topic and writes an essay for you

Teaches you how to speed read and assists you on words.