Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Gmail Tricks to Help You Email Smarter

Do you know how to send emails properly? Can you do it quickly? If you're unsure, here are a few tricks to help you achieve that. You can be sure that these tips will be useful in your everyday learning or working, as emails are essential to any operation and being able to harness all its resources to use it more effectively will improve your overall productivity.

Trick #1: Schedule emails to send later
For this, you will need to download the Chrome extension "Boomerang". You can download it through the Chrome web store.
After you've added it as an extension, you will see that the next time you compose an email in Gmail, you have an option to "Send Later". You can set the exact time for it to be sent, there are no limits, by clicking the boomerang icon next to the "Send Later" button. Once you confirm the times and send the email, it will be stored in a special outbox until that time comes, then it will be sent automatically to the recipient. 

This will be useful if you think of an email you need to send, but it is during off-hours. You can write the email, before you forget it, and schedule it to be sent the next morning. This way your email will not be put behind a large amount of other mail that your recipient may have received during the night, which increases your chances of getting a fast response.

Trick #2: Using Keyboard Shortcuts
Go to "Settings on Gmail" and scroll down to the "Keyboard Shortcuts" section. Click "Keyboard shortcuts on" and save changes.

Press "Shift" + "?" and you will open up the entire list of keyboard shortcuts. You may want to learn the ones you think you will need to use the most.
Here are some that I use:
E = Archive selected emails
R= Reply
A= Reply all
! = Mark as spam
These can be useful shortcuts to help speed up your email operations.

Trick #3: Using Respondable by Boomerang
The same extension we installed earlier has another cool feature. It uses artificial intelligence to help you write better emails. It tracks a couple of things in your email, such as the word count, the reading level, how many questions are present, and the Subject length, to determine how likely someone will respond (hence the name) to said email.
To increase the likelihood of you getting a timely response, Respondable recommends writing in 3rd grade English reading level (simple words and phrases), have no more than 3 questions per email (don't overwhelm people), a word count of between 50 to 125 words, and a subject length of no more than 6-7 words. 

Trick #4: "Unsend" Emails
Ever accidentally send an email to the wrong person or sent it before you finished writing it or wrote something wrong? Well with this trick, you can still get a second chance. 

Go to "Settings" and scroll down to "Undo Send". Enable the function and select your cancellation period, either 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds after you send the email. Never embarrass yourself again!

Trick #5: Using
If your inbox is always flooded with emails from sites that you subscribed to from long ago, some that maybe are irrelevant, then this trick is for you.

Click on this link to go directly to the website: and enter your email, agree to the terms and conditions, then continue and begin your cleanup process.

This website will scan your inbox and come up with a list of subscriptions. You can then go through that list and unsubscribe from websites you no longer wish to receive emails from. This is very useful if you want your inbox to look neater and cleaner.

So there you have it, five tricks to help you email smarter and faster. Hopefully this will increase your productivity!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

3 Life Saving Preview Tips

We have a cliche when we edit images: just Photoshop it. But have you ever wondered why it has to be Photoshop? Why do we have to pay for it? Why do we have to waste our time downloading it? Why do we have to read and watch through long instructions? None of that is required - that is if you use Preview. "Wait, isn't Preview an app for viewing images?" Yes, but that's not its only function. Using Preview, editing images could actually be easier than using Photoshop.

1. Cropping

When cropping an image, Photoshop is most commonly used. However, it costs, and is not the best quality photo cropping tool either. Using Preview would provide free cropping of images easily and effectively.

2. Size editing

When editing sizes of photos, using Preview is more useful than using Photoshop.

3. Signing

Only when editing a PDF, you can add a sign using Preview without printing.


Sometimes, Photoshop isn't the best option for editing images. A preinstalled software, Preview, could come in handy too.

Monday, November 21, 2016

How to Convincingly Act in Dramatic Performances

Are you a drama student or aspiring actor that does not 100% understand how to act well? Then this is the article for you! With these following steps, you will learn the basis of how to act well, even if you aren't fully educated in theatre yet!

1. The most important thing while you're on stage is to calm down. If you're worried about what the audience is thinking, you're just going to get nervous, and unless you are trying to portray nervousness, that's not going to be a good look for you.

2. In order to be portrayed as a good actor, you must respond to your surroundings on stage. When your lines end, you do not leave the scene, and you must continue to react to the scene as your character would, otherwise the whole performance will fall flat, as group acting is a team effort.
3. Who is your character? You must think about what ticks the character has, how the character sounds, how the character would act outside the play. You must step into the skin of your character and forget who you are, portraying, for the time you are acting, only this character whoever they may be. It's one of the most fun parts of acting! And this also makes it much easier to respond to situations on stage as the character if you so happen to forget your lines or you're doing improv.
4. Though it's not the most important thing if you can easily execute the above things, you must know your lines, because that is extremely important to executing a scripted play, however, if you are too worried about memorising your lines and not the above other things, the audience will likely not feel the performance and will see that you are only simply reciting your lines.

Hopefully these tips have assisted you!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

How to cite a website online for research - MLA Format (PART 2)

Part 2/2

How to cite a website for research online? (APA)

What happens when you need to cite a source of information in projects such as a science report? Well, this website does APA for you, and it's absolutely free!

STEP 1: Select the citation you want. MLA is available as well.

STEP 2: After selecting APA (or other formats), Choose the type of source it is (Is it a book, website, etc.)

STEP 3: Paste in the link you want to cite.

STEP 4: After clicking SEARCH WEBSITES, you will be brought to this page. Look for the correct source in the list of related identifications. In my case, my source would be the first option to appear. 

(Tuberculosis (TB)|CDC)

STEP 5: Select you option (Source) The website generator will automatically fill in known information about that source for you, so there is no need to look for them manually.

STEP 6: Click on FINAL STEP, and fill in as much as you can, using the techniques shown in PART 1 of this blogpost.

STEP 7: Click on Create Citation and simply copy the citation generated


Sunday, November 6, 2016

Survive in High School: Tips

High School is hard so here are some tips to survive in High School!

Tip #1: Have a planner

Always have a planner with you, it can be on your phone, your laptop, or it can be your book, always have it, and put your homework/projects or even events in the planner, so it'll help you keep things on track, where you are not a hot mess! 

Tip #2: Do not procrastinate!

After school, you might as well munch on your popcorn while watching Netflix, and do your homework later. By the time you've finished 3 movies, you realize its already 12 am, now its either you get sleep or work. So don't wait till last minute to do your homework, when you get home, you should always do your homework first, then move on to do other things.

Tip #3: Time Management 

Managing your time during high school can be hard with balancing with your social life, school, and sleep, but planning it before hand will make your life so much easier. Plan the day before hand, you don't have to have a notebook to manage your time, and make a timetable (but that'll be great), but you can have a visual and insight of what you're going to do for the day. 

For example:
  1. Wake up at 11am
  2. Have brunch with family at 12pm
  3. Homework at 2pm
  4. Dinner with friends at 7pm

Tip #4: Be positive and nice to all your school peers, and teachers. 

No one likes a negative & mean person. Being one will not help you through high school, many might dislike you and that'll will certainly not help you to make any friends or get any help when you are in trouble or stuck in a homework question. So stay positive and nice to others.

Tip #5: Know how to Relax.

High school can be very stressful, sometimes you'll need to relax, and do something that you enjoy that doesn't make you think of school. Stressing out will only ruin your health, so find a hobby that you enjoy, and do it, because sometimes, you'll need it during high school, but do not overlap it with your school work.

Tip #6: How to deal with Bullies?!

Bullies love attentions, so when they do bully you, ignore them, and move on, don't cry about it, or this will create more drama, and lead to more bullying. If you've ignored them, but they still is bothering you, then you need to talk to your friends and families about it, don't keep it in to yourself, speak with someone you trust. Talk with the school teachers or even the principle if things get too big, and if the bully continues to bully you even though you told him/her to stop. Put in action, otherwise if the bully stops after you said stopped or ignored him/her, just move on.

Tip #7: Confidence

Have confidence, this is really important.You should have confidence no matter you're at school or not. Having confidence brings success, and everyone has failures or made mistakes, so when you want to try something try it, don't let other people bring you down to your own goal. Be confidence of what you are doing and remember that it is okay to fail! Just don't be over-confidence.

Tip #8: Choose your friends wisely

Don't pick friends based on what they have or their popularity, pick friends who are honest, kind, and people who you can trust. Choose friends who you can be comfortable with, not act with. I know this is hard to find, so don't be scared to talk to your peers, and get to each of them, but keep in mind that to choose trustworthy friends who are also wise, so they will not drag you to do dumb things.

Tip #9: Organization

Make sure to be organize. Organize your things such as home-works, projects, books, by making varieties of sections for your works, like to split up the things, for it to be clearer for you to find. Not only that, but organize your locker, your dates and events, make it simple for you to work with.  So that you won't stress a mess you made when it comes to finding things, or going/doing something.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

GeekTool (Mac Only)

Following my Rainmeter blog post that was for Windows Only, this is the alternative for rainmeter but for Mac, 


Geektool is a "mac" based desktop customisation tool, with various open source script and log capabilities that allow you to tweak and change what is displayed on the startup desktop. Such as text, text font, bar colour, time. This is the same as it's windows alter ego; Rainmeter. However Geektool allows specific alterations to mac only just as rainmeter allows you to tailor themes in Windows only. 

Video on How to set it up: 

Rainmeter (Windows Only)

Rainmeter! The most popular and featured, customizable desktop tweak for Windows 7,8,9,10+ 

Everyone wants a cool wallpaper or background, but only a few people take it to the next level with customization and completely deck out their Desktops. Rainmeter is the most user-friendly and "easy to get" around tool out there. I'll show you what Rainmeter can do! 


Like any of these examples! You must've realized how diverse these customizations are! That is the power and freedom supplied by Rainmeter. Here is how you can have your own! 

First, make sure you Get these Basics, Rainmeter is a standard installation application, make sure to check "Run on startup" to get the best out of it.

After you've installed Rainmeter on your PC make sure to get the following for a basic tweaking. 

1. Elegance 2.0 

2. ClearText 

Wallpapers For Desktops!

I Realized many of you are always on the lookout for new wallpapers and Cool images, who wouldn't, after a while you get used to your "at first cool but now boring" desktop backgrounds you're welcomed by every day when you turn on your laptops or computers. But to keep updated with cool wallpapers on the go is rare. Here is a compilation of Sites and places that supply the trendsetting wallpapers, on a daily. So you can stay a step ahead in the wallpaper game. 

1. Unsplash 

Unsplash is amazing for quality 4K stock photos captured by professional nature enthusiastic photographers that share their art for free- no watermarks! Check it out if you want cool nature backgrounds. 

2.  Simple Desktops

Simple Desktop, Houses by far the most polygon-triangle friendly trendy wallpapers from everywhere, graphic designers to hand artists. Simple desktops is a "simple" but cool get away card whenever you're bored and want a simple desktop for a change. 

3.  Justin M. 

This is a portfolio of an amazing 3D and graphic artist, Justin is well known for his iconic poly art style and producing great quality wallpapers free to anyone who wants to download! 

4.  Slurpaza's Deviantart

Slur's Profile is amazing, The photos and wallpapers he comes up with, Are fantastic and spectacular, best coupled with Rainmeter! 

5.  Wallpapers Wide

Oh, Come on! You've paid this site a visit at least once a month, This is your top hit every time you search "Cool wallpapers" so here it is, the most featured and updated watermarked wallpaper hosting website. Wallpapers Wide, for vanilla preferences. They still have good stuff, though!