Monday, October 31, 2016

University Game plan

When would you start planning for university?
This is actually a serious question, when do you start planning for university? 9th grade? 10th grade?
There actually is no right answer for this, but what is the harm to start early? Through my personal experience I thought I started pretty late and it was a very stressful thing for me. I started getting serious about my grades in the third trimester of my junior year. I should've started worrying since 10th grade, but I guess I just couldn't care as much about the future. You also should start looking into universities by grade 11 and start to find target-able universities and separate them into three different categories: reach, safety, and match.

Reach, Safety, Match
There are three different categories to put into your university list: safety, reach, and match. Starting off with reach schools, reach is another way of saying your "dream" school that you always wanted to attend for example for me it would be Berklee College of music. Match is a school that you are able to get into with a bit of work and is a "match" to yourself. Safety as the name suggests a school that you are able to go to with no sweat, so your fall back option if all else fails.

Recommended amount of schools to apply to?
There really is no recommended amount of schools to apply to, but usually the councilors suggest 10 universities. Which isn't a bad number, I personally applied to only 7 schools. Funny story I even know a person who applied to around over 15 schools. So numbers really don't matter unless you got the money to apply to all that, but generally it is you choice. Choose the Unis that you want to go, choose the ones that match you. Don't force yourself to apply to a school with a good name just because your parents want you to. The name of the school really doesn't matter, it's what you get out of university that actually matters.

Is being undecided a bad thing?
Being undecided isn't a bad thing, it just means you haven't found something that you would like to do. Funny enough around 50% of college students enter as undecided. Being undecided also gives you many different benefits too. Once you get accepted as undecided, you could try different majors and stick to the one that you find the most fun or the one that most matches you.

A little advice from me, start early. Procrastinating for uni apps is the worst thing you could do. I love procrastinating, but for uni apps its annoying. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Try asking a councilor too, they're nice people they don't bite.

The growth of Technology

Significant Technologies throughout history

Technology has improved throughout the generation, and has improved the society, and many of our lives. 

Here is a timeline of Significant technologies that are created!

The Abacus From 2400 B.C. 

The first "Technology" was the Abacus, aka a calculator, it is invented in Babylonia.

The Mechanical Clock From the 724 

Created by Liang Lin Can, a Chinese engineer. 
- Water driven, made ticking sound, and was created to keep track of time. 

Soon enough, many ground breaking technologies were invented, like flying machines, as in the helicopter.

The Flying Machines From the 1500

Invented by Leonardo Da Vinci, he was a genius human being, he does painting like the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper painting. Although the helicopter wasn't built until 1940, but Leonardo sketch the details of the helicopter. Aside for his invention of Helicopter, he also invented many other things, such as the parachute, the armoured cars, the giant crossbow and many others.

Photography From the 1826

The first photo was taken in 1826, after the invention by Joseph Nicephore Niecpe. This technology was life changing, people could use it to take important histories. Nowadays, many of the population rely on photography, like all the selfies we have on our phone. 


Aka the TV, which was invented in the 1925, by John Logie Baird, a Scottish engineer. 

The Evolution of Computers

Computers were started as huge machines built with buttons but with no visuals.

1822, The first computer was created: an English Mechanic Engineer and polymath, Charles Babbage invented the first mechanic computer, but was a failure. However, this computer is considered as the "Father of Computers".

1890, Herman Hollerith, designed punch card system to calculate the 1880 census, and established a company that became IBM.

1936, Alan Turing built the Turing Machine, it was capable to compute anything that was computable. 

1954, The FORTRAN programming language was born.

1964 Douglas Engelbart shows a prototype of the modern computer: a mouse and a graphical user interface (GUI)

1976, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started Apple Computers, Apple I, the first computer with single-circuit board.

1977, Apple II was invented which showed color graphics and incorporates an audio cassette drive for storage.

1999, Wi-Fi became a big part of Computers, which was connecting to the internet with no wires.

2006: Apple introduces MacBook, its first Intel-based, dual-core mobile computer.

Telephones: The Evolution of Telephones

The first original phone was invented by Elisha Gray, Antonio Meucci of Italy, and Innocenzo Manzetti, in 1876, which was the origin of telephones.
Telephones had been developed since then, which brings us to the "Candle stick" telephone.
Invented Almon Strowger in the late 1800s. the candle stick phone is the first dial telephone. 

The rotary phone was also created in the late 1800s by Almon, and has gotten very popular in the 1960s to 1970s. 

The push button telephone was then invented in 1963 by the company Bell Telephone. The phone allowed to push numbers instead of rotating the numbers. This phone developed the connivence for the society for using the phone, it has replaced the rotary phone.

Later the portable telephone has been invented by Teri Pal, which was cordless, so you could talk anywhere in your house. 

Nokia, the first small portable phone where you could take around conveniently, the founder of Nokia was Fredrik Idestam and Leo Mechelin.

The first ever flip phone: The Motorola StarTAC was invented in 1996, by the Company Motorola. 

The changing point of all mobile phones, the smart phone: the first innovative touch- screen phone named "iPhone" invented by Steve Jobs, introduced in 2007. Although, iPhone was not the first touch-screen phone, but iPhone is the first touch-screen phone, that was recognized, and now everyone is using the smartphones: touch-screen phones.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

10 Snapchat Chat Pros!

Snapchat chat is the feature on snapchat that allows you to message your friends on Snapchat without the necessity of taking a picture or video in order to message. Here are some of the awesome features of Snapchat chat and reasons that it is so great!

1. You don't need to take a picture or video, it is simple to just message your friends as you might on any other app.

2. These messages, much like the pictures and videos you send, disappear after you look at them.

3. But you can save messaged simply by holding down on them until they turn grey and unsave them by doing the same until the grey highlight is gone- both you and your friends will see which messages are saved.

4. You can still send pictures over Snapchat chat- pictures from your gallery or even videos, and you're able to send multiple photos at once!

5. There are several fun stickers that you can attach in your messages.

6. You are able to simply record and send audio.

7. You can video call individually with your friends as though you were Skyping or Facetiming, but it's totally cooler because it's Snapchat.

8. When reading the offered magazines on Snapchat, if you hold down on the screen, it allows you to send that screen to your friends so they can see it too on chat, and they can even click on that outtake from the magazine and it will take them straight to the article!

Things on Snapchat that You Can DO

Snapchat recently updated again, so not only will this blogpost include information on that, but it will also include information of interesting features from the previous updates that several are still not aware about!

1. Snapchat now allows you to watch people's stories in a playlist format!
In order to create a quick playlist of the stories you want to watch, you can easily select the various stories you want to watch ahead of time, and then Snapchat will play them one after the other! It's amazing and time-saving, and now you no longer have to worry about the string of stories leading into stories you don't want to see or care about!

2. It's still a mystery to some about how to access the snapchat lenses, but in order to do so, you must simply face your camera at your full face, hold your finger over your face until a white grid-like image scans over your face, and then at the bottom of the screen, each of the lenses that you can try will pop up! There are several different fun lenses and each day there is a new lense added and the oldest lense removed, so there is always a nice variety.

3. You can add stickers into videos and attach them to whatever you want in the video so it moves with them. You simply click on the square-shaped icon in the top right corner and select your emoji to place into your video, then you simply hold the emoji down with your finger, and the video will reload as the emoji adheres to your desired piece of the video!

4. You can reply to snapchat stories while watching them if you swipe up while watching the story. Once you swipe up, there will be a message bar that allows you send a message directly to that person, tagging the media from their story into the message.

5. Swipe left or right for filters, time, temperature, geotags, slo-mo, faster speeds, or reversed video. You to not simply have to stick with one filter. Once you select your first filter, you can select other things to add to it, on a single snapchat, you can have several of these "filters" on your snap. You can have a black and white slo-mo video with the time and a geotag all in one, just by holding down the screen with one finger once you've found a filter you like, adding more, and repeating the step.

These are just a few of the awesome things not Snapchat you can do!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Top Social Medias

Top 10 Most Used Social Media!!

1. Facebook 

Facebook is one of the most used social media in the world currently. 1.13 billion users log into Facebook daily & five new profiles are created every second. 

2. Snapchat 

Around 150 million users log in to this app each day!!

3. Instagram

Instagram is an app that display photos of people's lives. Many chooses to make their photo very artistic. The photo is mostly about food, motivations, fashion/makeup, fitness, models, or selfies. 
With 400 million active users!

4. Twitter

There are 100 million active user everyday, and 1.3 billion twitter registered users.

5. Youtube

Youtube is the most used video channel in the world. There are 1000 millions active users each month.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media that allows people to "pin" interesting images & videos to their pin board. Pinterest had 100 million active users,176 million registered users, and 85% of the users are females.

7. Vine

Vine is a social media where people share a short video they filmed, usually 6 seconds. The video is played in loops for audiences. Vine is very popular, mostly in the US. It has 100 million people who watch Vine videos each month, and 200 million active users each month.

8. Tumblr

A social media which lets users share images, gifs, videos, quotes, links and music. Tumblr is a very artistic social networking website, it has many deep meaning and artistic objects on Tumblr, people mostly share the things they find on Tumblr. It has 550 million users each month, and has an averahe of 53.3 million posts each day.

9. WhatsApp

A app where it allows people to communicate using texts and calls. It has an average of 450 million of users each month.

10. Tinder

A dating app for people who are over 18. It has 50 million users, and 10 million daily active users. 

Top "Smart Apps" for smartphones

Maybe you're Bored, maybe you're tired of boring apps. Maybe you want to improve your memory, boost your thinking. Catalyze your mental processes, or maybe you want to fill up your phone with productive apps to seem productive. 

Well whatever it is, You've come to the right blog post if you want a brief review of some of the top free apps on the store right now that costs virtually nothing and works wonders for your Brain and wellbeing! 

1) Peak

Peak is easy to use, organised and clean application filled with interesting and intriguing brain exercises and activities that take up less than a minute. Peak introduces sleek and simplistic use of UI and graphics, this helps compliment it's simplistic and organised theme and makes it easier for you choose the activities you like and get them done. 
The Good thing about Peak, is that it allows a community-based user experience, where you can sign up with google or their own site and store your point system. Peak works on a point based reward system which helps keep you hooked to the application. 

2) Elevate
Another simple, on the go easy to use App, Elevate works offline and is fast to operate. Every exercise and task are pre-loaded. With a touch, you can start different programs or activities. Elevate tells you what features and parts of the brain you're affecting with the tasks you're getting done. Elevate is good if you want quick exercises while you're heading up the lift or in a taxi. It gets you out of boring situations and quick preps you intellectually. Perfect for your commute to school. 

3) Cognito

Last, on our List, We have cognito. If the previous apps didn't do it right for you, then cognito surely will. Peak and elevate take the trendy simplistic route out. But cognito leaves nothing behind. All aspects of
their product are designed with care. It is highly visualised and provides scenarios for your Brain to pound through. Cognito is preferably for the people who can actually pay their full attention out of their free time to work on cognito. Otherwise, it shouldn't be a "go-to" app for boredom. 

Customize Your Chrome Browser with Add-ons and Themes

There can be so many annoying things about Google Chrome. However, there are a great ton of extensions that can enhance your browsing. They are all on the chrome webstore. To get to the webstore, click this link. Here you can find many cool things to improve your browsing, such as games, extensions, and themes.


Themes can help you choose the look and feel of your browser. Every time you open a new tab, your theme will be available, IT will also appear on the top of your screen, where the tabs are.

Here are my personal favorite and free themes:


Extensions are some cool add-ons that can enhance your browsing. Here are some useful ones.


The most downloaded extension, with over 50 million people using it. It does exactly what it says, it blocks all ads and popups (even youtube ads) so you can enjoy your browsing without ads.


Also a popular extension, momentum enlightens your day and makes it relaxing. I mentioned this under themes because it is essentially a theme, with a few bonuses, such as reminders and it asks you what I think is a really important "What is your main focus today". The background is updated everyday to a beautiful scene of nature, with the city and country mentioned in the bottom-left. In the top right, you get the current weather of your city. You can also use it as your personal space to add things to do and stuff.

Google Translate

This extension is extremely useful, especially if you're taking a foreign language. Anytime you see a foreign language on a website, you can click on your google translate extension and either translate the entire page or a selected test. Also, as a minimalist, I like the way it looks - simple and to the point.


The final extension I will be mentioning is Pushbullet. I like this extension as it makes it easier to transfer things from my Android to my macbook. I had an iPhone before, so it was easy to transfer files. However it can be extremely hard and take a long time to transfer photos or recordings from my phone to my macbook. You can also chat, send links, and other files through Pushbullet to several devices that are synced to the network. You can even talk and send files to other friends through Pushbullet.

Some Unknown Android Apps to help you be more effecient

Some potentially Unknown Apps For Android

and how they will help you become more effecient

We all have wallpapers, widgets, and apps that we use everyday. Here are three apps that can either improve those apps, make them more accessible or easier to open.

Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP)

The videos above are just a sneakpeak of what is possible with KLWP. I am a novice at this app, but in only a couple of tutorials I've been able to mimic very basic animations found in these videos. This app is useful for opening apps that you use frequently in an elegant way. 
Links (Taken from here):



This app, available here. Is simply "Total Automation." Anything you wanted to do on your phone? You can now do on your phone. When you insert earphones, do you want a list of apps to pop up? When you turn your phone face down, want it to go on silent? Want to shake your phone to turn on the flashlight? When you open YouTube, do you want your phone to turn on autorotate? 
With tasker, you can do all of this and much, much more.

How does this help you be more effectient? Perhaps you always go on messaging apps while doing homework. With tasker the posibillites are almost infinite.

Tutorial Link that I use:

Also you may import profiles if you don't know how to use the app.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Argh!! Annoying tech issues of AIS that you may have! (Feature Blog)

1. Attendance block graded from ....

Don't you hate it when you go on your email and keep on receiving notifications that your "Attendance was Graded"? How can I do to fix this? All notifications are controlled by individual users, and it can be controlled in your Moodle preferences.

1. Go to your home page in eagle-net.

2. Click on "My Courses" on the top right of the page that leads to where all your courses are

3. Click on your name that is on top of the page. For me, I'll click the text "Soo-Jong PARK" which will lead to my profile settings.

4. Click on "Preferences" that is below the "User Details" section. Once you are in Preferences, click "Messaging" below "User Account"

After clicking on "Messaging", you'll be directed toward this page

5. Scroll down to where you see "Activity Graded" and then check off the "Email" section for When I'm logged in and When I'm Offline 

6. Awesome! After you've checked it off, you must scroll all the way down and click "Save Changes"

2. Wifi is always going onto AIS Device when AIS Student takes a while to connect

Arghh! Another thing that I hate is when the computer automatically connects to AIS Device when AIS Student isn't working or taking some time for it to load. What can I do to fix this?

1. Go to System Preferences and "Network" located in the third row. If you can't find it, you can type in "network" in your search bar.

2. In system, click on "Advanced" next to the question mark symbol

3. Now you'll find a section called "Preferred Networks" Scroll up and down in that category of wifiyou've been on and find "AIS Device" 

4. After you found AIS Device, look for the wifi, AIS Student. Now, most teachers/students that have this problem have the Wifi AIS Device on top of AIS Student, making the computer think that you want AIS Device to be your priority network. In order to change this, click and drag the AIS Device network all the way down, at least below AIS Student so that the computer will try connecting to AIS Student before it considers connecting to AIS Device. 

5. Now, after you've done that, click "Ok" on the bottom right corner, and exit Preferences. 

Congratulations! You will no longer find yourself having the problem again. If you still do, please contact the following Email: 

3. Mandarin in my Google Drive! Argh! I don't understand what anything means!

Don't you hate it when you go onto google drive and find every text in Mandarin? This often happens because the computer identifies the location you're in to be Hong Kong and assumes you speak/write in that local language. There are two ways to solving this problem.

First way: Change the language you use in your google account

1. Go to google, click on your account icon to the top right of the page, and click "My Account"

2. Once you are into the account settings, click "Language and Input tools" Settings

3. Click on the language section to control your language settings

4. Now, if add the language you wish to have as your default language and click "Ok"

5. Click the up arrow next to the new language you have added. This will make that language your default language

6. Wait for google to change the saves, and you'll have your new default language!

Second Method: Chrome settings (For Chrome Users Only)

1. Click on the icon with the 3 vertical white circles on the top right of the window. You will then get a selection of options. Go down and click on "Settings"

2. Once you are in the settings page, scroll down to where there is "advanced settings". Click on it to gain further access to more settings.

3.After your window opens up to more settings, scroll down to where there is "Language and Input" Settings. Click on it

4. Now after you click on the settings, you'll be directed to the following window where there will be a list of the languages your computer has saved. If there is a langauge you want to get rid of, click on the X mark next to the language.  After you done so, click "Done".

5. However, if you want to add a language that is not there, click add on the bottom left of the list and search for the language you want to add in.

6.  Select the langauge and then what you want to do is drag the language to the top of the list. By doing this, you are letting the computer know the primary language you use. For in my case, I'll be dragging the UK's version of English to the top to make it as my default language.

7. Now, if there are languages in the list you do not want to have at all, click the X button next to the language to get rid of it. Once you're done with your changes, click "Done" and exit the page.

Finally, wait for the changes to apply and you'll have your default language changed!